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Ourika road

For us one of the few swimming pools in Marrakech where you could almost think you were at the beach!

On an artificial lake, you can have fun doing wake board!

Marrakech Best Of tip: Wake Board is ideal for children, families or even friends who want to have fun for the day. Also take advantage of the day to have lunch at the poolside restaurant and enjoy the beautiful and large pool

The pool is quiet, family friendly and very beautiful!

Really the waky an address that we recommend in Marrakech.

A place that deserves to be much more known!

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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

Plus d'informations

  • Prices

    300 DH for 1h of wake board

    400 DH for 2h of wake board

  • Transport

    Private transport in VAN if you wish:

    400 DH (40€) round trip.

    You can be up to 7 people in the van.

    For example: if you are 2 people, it will be 200 DH (20€) per person. Note the name of your hotel in comments if you want to book the transportation.


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