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Marajah SPA


Come and discover the sumptuous Marajah spa!
It is an oriental spa with private hammams (we have never seen such beautiful ones in Marrakech) and massages between friends or couples.
You will discover the ancestral beauty rituals of Morocco during the hammam.
The spa is beautiful with fountains, water walls, copper walls and a decoration entirely handmade by Marrakech craftsmen.

-Payment is done on the spot.
-10% on packages if you book with us.
-They only accept women, couples and families.

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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

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  • Prices

    -10% until by booking with us! valid only on the packages

    The traditional : 530 DH (53€) instead of 590 DH (59€) Hammam, scrub with black soap + 1h massage.

    The royal : 590 DH (59€) instead of 650 DH (65€) hammam, black soap scrub, ghassoul wrap with 7 plants, argan oil moisturizing with orange blossom + 1 hour massage

    The Berber: 650 DH (65€) instead of 720 DH (72€) hammam sugar scrub + ghassoul mask with rose + henna mask + moisturizing argan oil scented with orange blossom + 1 hour massage.

    The Cléopatre : 770 DH (77€) instead of 850 DH (85€) hammam scrub with beldi gold soap + ghassoul wrap with goat milk + moisturizing with perfumed argan oil + 1h hot stone massage

    The signature: 890 DH (89€) instead of 990 DH (99€) hammam scrub with black soap, ghassoul wrap, henna wrap, 1h massage, 45 mn facial.

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