Malak Emeraude

Menara Mall

A very great restaurant that opened only a few months ago in Marrakech.

An excellent discovery that made us think of an oriental cabaret.

It is located next to the Menara Mall, next to the Buddha Bar, above the Club W.

They propose Moroccan specialities revisited and French dishes.

We tested their Moroccan dishes, very worked, revisited and very copious! Difficult to finish everything

Marrakech Best Of’s advice: try absolutely the Moroccan pastilla as a starter! Surely one of the best pastillas that we could taste in Marrakech.

A western part with a quality orchestra will ensure the atmosphere of the evening.

You also have a lounge part at the back of the restaurant to smoke CHICHA during the show!

In short a place that we recommend during your stay in Marrakech.

The ideal evening would be to start the dinner at Malak Emeraude and finish at Buddha bar for dessert

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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

  • Tarifs

    350 DH ( 35€) minimum for dinner, very chic restaurant.

  • Transport

    Private transportation in a van if you want:

    You can be up to 7 people in the van.

    250 DH (25€) round trip.

    For example: if you are 2 people, it will be 125 DH (12,5€) per person. Note the name of your hotel in comments if you want to book the transportation.

  • La carte

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