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M Bacha


M Bacha is an atypical place in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech that embodies its authentic history in the creation of an eminent spirit within this heritage.

Former property of Bacha Driss Menou son of the supreme commander of the Moroccan army El Hajj Ahmed Menou, M Bacha symbolizes the alliance of the two families, Menou and Sultan Hassan 1st, Sultan of Morocco. In order to make discover the richness of the Moroccan gastronomy, the conservation of this heritage linked to the Moroccan cultural inheritance and the architectural art was paramount. This Riad is considered as a masterpiece and historical monument of Islamic art since its construction in 1896, testifying to a series of political decisions taken that have marked the history of Marrakech and Morocco during the colonial period.

The restaurant offers a menu with Asian and Moroccan specialties, in a historic and warm setting. You can enjoy the dishes in the patio or in a heated room, sheltered from the cold, in winter.

-The payment is done on the spot.


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