Amizmiz road

Only 4 km away from Marrakech, the Eden Aquapark is the closest aquapark hotel to the city.

6 pools, a river, 19 attractions including: a beach for the little pirates, slides, a park, a solarium, a snack bar and entertainment.

The Eden Aquapark is open all year round (depending on the weather conditions).

Winter opening hours: from 11 am to 4 pm

Summer hours: from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (7:00 pm summer time)

Some of the attractions are partially heated during the winter season (pools and sliding water).

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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

  • Prices

    Children 100 DH 

    Adults 200 DH 

  • Transport

    Private transportation in a van if you wish:

    You can be up to 7 people in the van.

    300 DH (30€) round trip.

    For example: if you are 2 people, it will be 150 DH (15€) per person. Note the name of your hotel in comments if you want to book the transportation.

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