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Buggy at the Palmeraie

Palm grove

An unforgettable ride to discover the Palmeraie of Marrakech by buggy!
The palm grove is a must-do during your stay, only 25 minutes from the centre.

-Transport to and from your accommodation is included. Other people may be present during the trip.
-You will be accompanied by the guide only. There will be no outsiders in your group.
-Supplement of 100 dh (10€) if your hotel is outside Marrakech (more than 10KM from the city centre)
-Please bring closed shoes.
-Payment is done on the spot.

The programme:

-The driver will pick you up at your accommodation according to the time you choose.

-After a 25 minute drive, you will arrive at the Palmeraie.

-After explanation of the machines, you leave for a 2h private ride with the guide.

-Stop in a traditional bivouac for a tea break.

-Several stops are proposed to take pictures.

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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

Plus d'informations

  • Prices

    -1000 DH ( 100 €) the 450 cc buggy for 2 people, or 500 DH (50€) per person

    There are also other powers of buggy, you can choose them with the partner according to availability:

    -Buggy 800cc 1600dh (160€) for 2 people

    -Buggy 900cc 1900dh (190€) for 2 people

    -Buggy 1000 turbo 2500dh (250€) for 2 people

  • What is included

    -Transport included from your accommodation
    -Private ride
    -Tea break


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