Buddha Bar

Menara Mall

Take your diner with a show 100% Bollywood.

Enjoy a trip in Orient. Asian specialties 👘

Every night, you can enjoy a show witch acrobats and dancers who make you travel all night long.

Starting from 11:OOpm the atmosphere is more festive with singers and dancers.

Marrakech Best Of Tips: We love their delicious sushis. You have to taste them!

Very chic restaurant : at least 300DH for dinner.

Situated at the Menara Mall

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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

  • Prices

    minimum 400 DH for dinner (about 40€) take a dessert for about 150 DH

  • Transport

    Private transportation in a van if you wish:

    You can be up to 7 people in the van.

    250 DH (25€) round trip.

    For example: if you are 2 people, it will be 125 DH (12,5€) per person. Note the name of your hotel in comments if you want to book the transportation.

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