Beach Mama – Waky

Ourika road

The new chic, chill and family beach club in Marrakech with a DJ every day.

Please note: the establishment opens at 12 and accepts visitors until 3 p.m. After 3 p.m., reservations are automatically canceled.

The pool is located inside Waky Marrakech, the view is over the artificial lake and it’s very nice!
The dishes are Spanish specialties (they make delicious paellas!) and also grilled food.

The payment is made on site.

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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

  • Prices

    Bed rates according to location! (See photo)

    Bed for 2 persons with access to the pool and towels from 300 DH (30€). Or from 150 DH (15€) per person.

    Lunch à la carte in supplement

  • Transport

    Private transportation in a van if you wish: 400 DH (40€) round trip.

    You can be up to 7 people in the van. For example: if you are 2 people, it will be 200 DH (20€) per person. Note the name of your hotel in comments if you want to book the transportation.

  • La carte

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